Case Study – Marketing Copy for Reproductive Acupuncture Practice

Marketing Copy for Reproductive Acupuncture Practice

Sarah Prater possesses a unique skill that is finding it way more and more into mainstream medicine. Eastern medicine is finding acceptance among people who traditionally use western medicine as the search for a more natural, holistic approach to wellness is sought. As consumers are becoming more medically savvy and taking more personal responsibility for their overall health many are looking to our neighbors in the east.

Sarah the owner and founder of Tennessee Center for Reproductive Acupuncture has been helping women with reproductive issues for over ten years. One of her clients had such a dramatic result that her story had to be told!

Working with Sarah on this project was as satisfying as it was enlightening. When approaching any project, care is taken to do due diligence in the research stage and during the interview process. We work closely with the point person on every project to make sure the key objectives are achieved.

“Yvonne recently did a case study style blog post for us and, after checking yesterday, it has been our most read blog! Her style draws readers into a wonderful narrative all while utilizing opportunities to mention our products and services in a way that feels natural and never pushy. She is also very prompt in communications and extremely detail oriented.”

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