Case Study – CBD & Co.’s Honey Drops

When Stephen Bernard realized the superiority of the product his company produced he had one thought—I’ve got to get the word out—so many people could be truly helped using this product.

 His start up CBD company produced several products, the flagship product, their CBD Honey, was making waves in the fledgling industry. He was amazed and gratified at the positive results they were having with customers across the country.

Our approach in working with Stephen was to really understand their product and to really understand their market, customer base and industry. We then began the project. After research and interviews we crafted the message they wanted to get across to their customer base. When they approved the message we produced the case study and the rest is history.

When we take on a project we work closely with our clients. We make sure their voice is heard and their story is told. We produce compelling case studies usually in a matter of weeks. Our past clients report positive results with case studies as marketing pieces. Let us Tell your story!

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